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Now you can quickly pay or dispute Toronto parking tickets
and get a court date for traffic violations
using your smartphone, iPad or tablet.


Got a parking ticket?

TicketPay will submit your payment, or your request to dispute.
We DO NOT represent you in court.
When disputing a parking ticket, an in-person review date will be issued by the City of Toronto and will be emailed to you.


Got a traffic ticket?

TicketPay will get you a trial date so you can avoid court office lineups. Your trial date will arrive by mail to the address on your driver’s license.

If you need representation in court, TicketPay will refer you to a trusted, experienced paralegal.  

Additional Fines

Refusing or forgetting to resolve your outstanding tickets can result in additional fines and costly vehicle tows.

License Renewals

Outstanding tickets must be resolved to renew your mandatory plate sticker and driving without an updated sticker can lead to a suspended drivers license.

Demerit Points

Parking tickets in Ontario do not lead to Demerit Points but traffic convictions can. Having more than 2 may get you a warning letter. Having more than 5 may lead to a suspended license.

Most parking infractions occur between 12pm to 1pm

Each year, 37,500 parking tickets are issued in the Toronto Financial District alone

Demerit points stay on your record for two years from the date of the offence

Don't pay more.

Don't risk your license.

Don't spend hours away from work, school, and loved ones due to parking tickets.

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Does TicketPay dispute my ticket in court?


Disputing a parking ticket is a 3 step process.

  1. Submitting your request to dispute the ticket to a Justice of the Peace.
  2. Receiving a court date & time from the City of Toronto.
  3. Disputing your ticket at an in-person screening.

TicketPay handles the first 2 steps on your behalf. The third step is up to you or a trusted friend.

Disputing a traffic ticket is a 3 step process.

  1. Submitting your request to dispute the ticket to a Justice of the Peace.
  2. Receiving a court date & time from the Ontario Court Office.
  3. Disputing your ticket in traffic court.

TicketPay handles the first 2 steps on your behalf. The third step is up to you or a trusted legal representative.

If you need legal representation, we can connect you to a trusted, experienced paralegal to defend your case in court. The option to request representation is available on the app.

How do I know my payment information is safe?

TicketPay's merchant account provider is Stripe. They are PCI-compliant and they use the same encryption as the big banks around the world.

They meet all industry standards for security and encrypt their hardware to protect your payment data.

How can I trust that my ticket will be taken care of?

Once a payment or fight is correctly submitted, you will receive an emailed receipt.
When you receive that receipt, your payment or dispute is being processed.
TicketPay guarantees that all correct submissions will be paid and/or disputed before any penalties or additional fines are applied.

Does this app only work for Toronto tickets?

For now. We’re currently working on ways to help those in Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary and any other city with ticket issues.

Why use the app instead of other methods?

The two best reasons are: time and money.

The city is growing in population. More people and more vehicles means more tickets. More tickets mean longer line ups at the City of Toronto offices.

Visiting ticket offices means taking time away from work which may cost you money. If you are in school, it means missing classes that you are paying to attend.

Even if you have nowhere to be, dealing with parking tickets still isn't the best way to spend a day.

Choosing a mobile device to submit payments and disputes also helps you avoid forgetting about your ticket which can result in costly fines, penalties and possibly your license.

How do I get the TicketPay app?

The App is available for FREE download on the App Store and Google Play.

Is your service available on iPads or Tablets?

Yes it is!

What's the charge for this convenience?

The processing fee for paying a parking ticket is: $3.00 CAD. To fight your parking ticket instead, the fee is: $5.00 CAD.

The fee to get a trial date for a traffic ticket is: $5.00 CAD.

The fee to download the app is: $0.00 CAD.

Which traffic tickets can be submitted?

Other than Parking Tickets, TicketPay lets drivers submit their traffic tickets.
You can book court dates for the following traffic violations:

  • Careless Driving
  • Disobey Stop Sign
  • Disobey Police Officer
  • Drive on Closed Highway
  • Drive wrong way
  • Fail to Remain
  • Fail to Report
  • Fail to Signal
  • Fail to Stop for Police
  • Fail to Stop for School Bus
  • Fail to Yield
  • Fail to Use low beam
  • Fail to Stop on Right for Emergency Vehicle
  • Following too Closely
  • Following Fire Vehicle too Closely
  • G1 Driver Violations
  • G2 Driver Violations
  • Improper opening of door
  • Improper Passing
  • Improper Turns
  • Improper Use High Occupancy lane
  • Pass off Roadway
  • Pedestrian Crossover ticket
  • Racing
  • Radar Warning Device
  • Stunt Driving
  • Speeding
  • Seatbelt Tickets
  • Unnecessary Slow Driving
  • Failure to Surrender License
  • Failure to Surrender Insurance
Can I use one app for multiple vehicles?

You can! Just make sure to select the right plate numbers when entering your ticket information.

Can I submit yesterday's ticket today?

You can! You have 15 days to submit a ticket before being subject to additional fines.

TicketPay does not accept payments for past due parking tickets.

I got a ticket at a private parking lot, can I pay or fight it with the app?

For now, only city-issued parking tickets are accepted but we're looking into it.

What payment methods can I use?

At the moment, we only work with credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express but even as you read this, our team is working hard to make other methods of payment, like Debit and e-Transfers, available as well.


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